Tuesday, November 10, 2020

One Hundred Years in the Making: Equal Representation in Government

The faces of the President-Elect  Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris referred to as "Next in Line"
The faces of our country as it exists. Half men and half women,  along with the multiracial makeup of this country. As I and many other women have expressed, I am so aware that all girls and those to be born after this election will know the reality to be seen as the co-leader of our country. Yet an even greater awareness is how every male child as of this day will see a woman in this role. Women have been asking for equality, have already seen their ability to govern and to lead.

It began with the movement to vote as equals to men.

A feminist movement in the midcentury asked that women be seen in new ways along with men. Both were to be released from cultural norms.

"It's not fair " has become a cry of "it is our time !"

All women that have kept the goal in view are to be thanked by us all. Men and women both.
Women head corporations and men can stay at home with the children. Liberation comes to everyone when all are free to pursue their goals. " The pursuit of happiness," is meant for ALL.

Again thank you for believing in yourselves and any sacrifices made personally to see us reach this goal of equality in representation.

I have waited 50 years of my voting life to see this happen and know how important this is to those who follow. 2008 and 2016 held the promise before us. 

"A beautiful noise"

Bravo to all that voted on November 3, 2020.


God loves all equally. It is in praise and to honor our Creator when we see others as God does.

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