Thursday, April 9, 2020


 The Father creator formed a planet we all call home, and we have been given an ability to respond to this relationship with the earth.

It is out of the matter of this  floating orb that we were born into the garden home we were given to live and thrive in.
   Genesis 1:1-2 , 2:7

  •  Our garden home has been neglected and in need of desperate renewal. The skies above are saturated with fumes from car emissions, coal burning factories, gas fracking drills and deforestation practices world wide. The rivers, lakes, oceans are polluted with toxins from waste disposal, run off from over logging, tanker spills , garbage dumping and pipeline breaks. The demands of the species called Man/Woman has been beyond our garden home's ability to renew itself and sustain us. We are threatening our own survival. Our ignored interdependence and mandatory moral stewardship has been abandoned .

We are now facing, as one of many species, a pandemic viral disease that reflects our over consumption of natural resources and habitats. The population of the world has increased from 3 to 7 billion in one generation. Resulting in animals being forced to live closer to humans and now sharing a virus. We have also promoted GLOBAL relationships that have catapolted commerce in hopes of meeting the needs of ALL and  even to promote more WANTS  in our world. I see our time of great technology creating the vast computer/phone age, not unlike a vital nervous system, reaching almost every corner of the Earth. With this has come a feeling of interconnectedness. Yet created is a vast commercial wasteland of unessesary products ending up in landfills. Behind this global surge in commerce is an ever increasing demand for jobs for us to just to buy the necessities of living.

 Our garden is now, with this pandemic virus, being  given a chance to heal and become an Eden again. Those who have caused this, primarily US (USA world's largest polluter per person) have been given a chance to renew our relationship with our home's environment. The skies are clearing, the waters flowing clearer and the many animals being given a chance to thrive again. We as humans have become the carriers of a VIRUS COVID -19(HUMID-19?). We are being shown how  quickly nature will recover and be revived when we change our priorities. With mandatory quarantines our behavior has changed. We are slowing our lives down, wanting less, giving more, loving our neighbors and giving wildlife and our environment some rest is the result. Currently we have entered a 6th era of mass exstinction of animal species. This time we could be included in this era unless we wake up. "Our Father who art in Heaven" , also awaits our decision to "return" to a compassionate way of life in this garden.

My favorite quote, I remember from the 1970's concern for the population explosion at that time.."I live simply so others can simply live", Ghandi. This has been my choice to live this way and will continue to do so.

 The skies over Beijing and Los Angeles have almost cleared in a few weeks.  What will we all chose to do? How many more natural disasters and plagues will test our faith and duty to care for this fragile garden?

I chose, in my heart to believe that God's hand will lead us back to love and the wisdom to be better stewards.  To be grateful. Beautiful horizons are an inspiration now to heal and be transformed from our brokenness.  There is always room for more love in this world. Amen. Genesis 1:28