Thursday, October 29, 2020

GOD'S VOTE: A Rainbow

Our country has been a leader in the world and continues to be so even in these diverse and chaotic times. We have been examples of  "What is possible and what is regrettable" in how we choose to govern and care for its citizens.

My studies this week are of chapters 4-7 in the Book of Genisis. It became very vivid to me that I am in the floodwaters along with everyone. Including all creatures and plants striving to live in our increasingly polluted world. As the Bible describes the "Flood" the rains came for 40 days and nights, followed by many months of waiting for the land to surface again. A promise was made by God to never destroy the world again for its wickedness. We are on our own to choose love or not. All the suffering WE have created since then is of our doing. No matter how much suffering we create HE has chosen to let us choose.


What is a rainbow and how is it created?

After a cloud-filled sky empties torrents of rain upon the earth and the sun can shine again, a rainbow may be visible on the horizon. The light comes through the remaining droplets in the atmosphere and like a prism scatters the colors and an arc is formed creating a rainbow, and a clear vibrant message. The rains have passed. We have survived death, God's judgment and have a renewed opportunity to honor our Creator.

God has voted with a Covenant.

How will I vote and fulfill my obligation in this world of false promises, fake conspiracies, denials of scientific evidence, and partisan ideologies? As a lifelong non-partisan voter, I will vote for a person that may lead us towards some light, in the dark world of politics. Our political darkness includes divisive, dismissive, and racial attitudes.  These are the dark floodwaters we are in. How will the majority vote by next week, November 3, 2020?

Bar None & BanThee
[The dark politics as entertainment.]

 I will cling to the Covenant,  "Be still, and KNOW I am God." I am responsible for my own actions, not others, and their choices. We were made in God's image. He hears, sees, feels, and can touch our world...God knows my heart and I will strive to live my best life, as imperfect as it is, to love others as He loves me.

His handshake of 1968 was an enlightening moment for a young pre-voter [18]. The torch was being passed, only to be distinguished a week later in California.

This post is my prayer for our country and this world, as all of us continue to struggle to find our way back HOME.