Sunday, August 30, 2020

Election 2020 : Let LOVE Lead

Portland Oregon "Mothers for BLM" [conflicted views of each other]

 It is 4am and I am up writing this political subject blog from my reactions to watching parts of the DNC and RNC in times of COVID. There were no large arenas or masses of citizens roaring in response to their party candidates. I have been in an artist mode creating several satirical cartoons about my observations. They are full of questions about how our country has an incredible way of reacting to our government and to fellow residents of this large land. I am going to begin my observations and reactions to past and recent events and finally, hopefully, find my responsibility in this political environment. 

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

I want to profile myself first, as a 71-year-old "baby boomer"woman born after WWII. Raised in a small suburban neighborhood, my parent's American Dream home, south of Portland Oregon. I was the first in my family's generation to graduate high school and to go on to receive my BFA from UofO. I came from a modest home, although a struggle for my parents to keep steady employment, I lived in  the same home until I left for the university in 1967. I have traveled, lived, and worked from Alaska to Florida and Vermont to California since graduating in 1973. Currently, I live on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

"Evolution" [from a "white life"]

I realized the year 2020 also means "hindsight" and that's where I will start. To take a look at all I have lived through and seen over the decades along with historical studies. I believe our country, perhaps the world is bearing its true soul to us all.  One blessing from the pandemic?

                                  Who we are, who we want to be in the world,

                          who we are going to respect, who we are going to include,

                     who we are going to give compassion, who we consider essential,

                         who we want to feed, who we want to have a livable wage,

                              who we will provide affordable medical care for.

The hope of finding some answers will require "the endurance of a relay race." [ Michele Obama's phrase in Aug podcast]. It could take weeks, months, years and even decades to see the changes required by hearts. To move on to a more loving society in the future, I will suggest a closer look at the past first. The following are some of the duality of America's intentions in the world.

We are those that built a new country for the freedom of worship and independence from tyrannical rule.

We are also the conquerors that committed genocide of native peoples for the land's natural resources.

We are the companies that built the infrastructure across the land on the backs of immigrants/slaves from the Orient and Africa.

We are who opened our doors to the world for the persecuted to build a life of freedom and do the dirty jobs at the lowest wages.

We are the country the world's "dreamers" have traveled to, to thrive and some to just survive.

We are the leaders in capitalism that still fails to encompass all residents of all colors.

"United Shades of America"

We are white workers fearing loss of jobs {failing economy] and rejecting our growing "melting" pot.

We are who believe that any move to be inclusive of all citizens to uphold their inalienable rights is a move towards socialism, a virus on the capitalist way.

We are global warriors in the name of peace and expanding our trade beyond our country, along with providing the war machines for the world. 

 Next a look at what I have witnessed since my birth and shaped my political thinking. I was a teenager watching the turmoil from three assassinations, equal rights riots, with deaths, and seeing elected officials finally enforcing the amendments made 100 years earlier. Especially the right to vote and access to equal education. Women have 100 years of voting history and people of color since the 1960s. Basically, we have only 60 years of true democracy for all. Still dependent on the area of the country and its enforcement. As a college student, I personally participated in anti-Vietnam war protests, participated in a "mock" political convention after witnessing Nixon, Kennedy, and McCarthy [ shook hands and spoke to all three] speak. I also embraced feminism gratefully. I became so disillusioned by the mid-70s I stopped voting until the nineties. 

 Finally, I realized that not voting was letting others vote for me! By the year 2000, corruption in politics was very clear to me. Now 20 years later I believe we are in a time of change and reckoning.

"Strange Bedfellows".[ how we see them ]

So, what has love and God got to do with it?

First thing first, "Love thy neighbor as thyself". With this commandment, I will frame my decisions when I vote. I will listen to the platforms and watch the actions of those that are representing me and my "neighbors".

"Running out of time?" [endagered species and polution]

I have said and made my peace with the politics of this country. Thank you for listening to my "ranting and ravings". I implore you to take your vote seriously and "lead with LOVE" in your mind and heart.

thank you.