Tuesday, June 20, 2023

" Our home, Earth is but a speck of dust on a speck of dust" Webb Telescope July 2022.

We can now SEE from the screens on our phones, tablets, computers and tv the farthest we have ever seen. 35 Billion light years away into the PAST.

Has our Creator created us to explore the Creation?

Our first selfie of planet Earth happened while landing on the moon.

Was this the Creators first view of the planet Earth.?

In 1994 Carl Sagan wrote about our "Pale Blue Dot" as seen from Voyager Telescope in 1990 as it exited the solar system. 300 million miles away. There was a debate at the time whether to use up any time turning the camera back towards the sun before it shut down! 
The result was , for want of any other words.."Out of this world ", exciting. 

Our next breath-taking selfie was in 2013 from another telescope on the 
Cassini spacecraft under the rings of Saturn. 900 million miles away.

Einstein wanted to know how God thinks....
Now we can see what God 
wants US to see...
and eventually to know...