Tuesday, September 8, 2020

No Mud, No Lily

No words, No poem

No poem, No Words


[ I have only a couple of poems I have written. Yet I know from where they come from. An experience and a feeling I want to share. It begins in the heart, moves to words, then the words can recreate the experience and hopefully the heart of the poet. Painting is sometimes referred to as a colorful poem. These I have to many to count. Often the response  to my painting is "I feel happy when I look at it!" As a person with many long bouts of depression in my life, I was amazed to know my true heart was being seen and felt.}

No mud, no Lily

No  lily, no sunlight

No sunlight, no colors

No colors, no sun

No sun, no moonlight

No moonlight, no darkness

No darkness, no light


No tears, no joy

No joy, no peace

No peace, no faith

No faith, no forgiveness

No forgiveness, no repentance 

No repentance, no crucifixion

No crucifixion, no resurrection

No resurrection, no Jesus

No Jesus, No God

No God, no compassion

No compassion, no Love



No God, no free will

No free will, no crime

No crime, no Justice

No justice for all, no equality for all

No equality for all, no democracy

no democracy, no freedom

No freedom, no expression

No expression, no Art

No Art, no enlightenment

No enlightenment, no responsibility

No ability to respond, no humanity

No humanity, no suffering

No suffering, no humanity.


no blog, no readers

no readers, no blog