Tuesday, June 20, 2023

" Our home, Earth is but a speck of dust on a speck of dust" Webb Telescope July 2022.

We can now SEE from the screens on our phones, tablets, computers and tv the farthest we have ever seen. 35 Billion light years away into the PAST.

Has our Creator created us to explore the Creation?

Our first selfie of planet Earth happened while landing on the moon.

Was this the Creators first view of the planet Earth.?

In 1994 Carl Sagan wrote about our "Pale Blue Dot" as seen from Voyager Telescope in 1990 as it exited the solar system. 300 million miles away. There was a debate at the time whether to use up any time turning the camera back towards the sun before it shut down! 
The result was , for want of any other words.."Out of this world ", exciting. 

Our next breath-taking selfie was in 2013 from another telescope on the 
Cassini spacecraft under the rings of Saturn. 900 million miles away.

Einstein wanted to know how God thinks....
Now we can see what God 
wants US to see...
and eventually to know...


Sunday, June 18, 2023

TIME to SOAR my dear friend Raven

Flowers Sent on Memorial
September 22 2023
Designed by Karen Vickers 


                 Raven Cyprienne Jewel

    My magical meeting of both of these women occurred almost to my lack of awareness.. I had just moved to a small island in Puget Sound in Washington State. I knew no one and did not know if I would meet the compatriots I yearned to share my life with.

      Cyprienne called to tell me Raven died May 23rd morning in a voicemail. To my regret I failed that day to answer this message, as I do with many voicemails, a resistance, yet for me to totally understand.... until today..my many recent losses and my need to let go... again... 4 times this past year... 

     As I age my family of friends are diminishing each year. This circle grows smaller in diameter and will continue until it reaches myself at the center.

                           The BIG LET GO

      At this center is where we all will join each other again. Raven would have loved the direction my art was heading and most importantly was alongside my understanding of this circle of our shared SPIRIT. This light in the CENTER has grown only a bit brighter since she moved on ahead of us.

   I have a TOTEM creature as Indigenous Peoples have coveted to become a guide on their journeys. It is the Raven. We first met on my move from Vermont back to the NW and my family roots. They graced my yard as I parked and loaded the moving van and  I would find them around the van as I came out of the motels each morning!?
    RAVEN my friend was to be a companion too and to keep going.. "all is well" no matter where it leads us to, including my leaving the island with great heart ache. My last meeting on Anderson Island with Raven foreshadowed her decline in health, as was my own health from the lockdown at that time. 

We all are connected yet at the same time must fly our own pathway till we land on the spot we can claim as only our own . Raven made her choices and I honor those even if we no longer can be in view of each other. 

             Fly Away  Far As You Wil 

                   BE AT PEACE

Friday, June 16, 2023

2023 another Frontier Begins

" Is our inheritance merely to abide in this beautiful world and universe..it is also our inheritance to understand it." [quote from TV series Madame Secretary]

I am looking to the future this year...2022 was full of the past and barely being able to tolerate each present moment with a Covid Lockdown, dominating election circus, new viruses on the horizon, climate changes and each new season bringing devastation across the states. My plan to end the year 2022 on my blogg was for Dec 25. I went into a 3 week influenza A and have just resurfaced to begin again Jan 8 2023.

December 25 2021 Launch of Webb Telescope

This venture was lost to me midst the Holiday Retreat I was keeping for my personal spiritual journey.
By the time the first photos coming in last summer I was enthralled and engaged. And our worlds scientific community were also perched on the edge of their NASA Control seats.

One of the first photos to come in was a cosmic landscape worthy of a Christmas card.......Stars giving birth to our universe billions of light years away in the past. Our beginnings? Big Bang world? 
Maybe, maybe not. A 100 years after Einstein who yearned to know how God thinks....our scientific and spiritual community is barely coping with what we are seeing..perhaps even what God sees? Was there even a beginning at all?  A Creator?  So many questions are forthcoming including Quatum physics and being two places at same time...even what is time and our reality....

We on earth , living on this "Pale Blue Dot"  [Carl Sagan] as seen from Voyager in 1991,  reaching out in explorations through Mars rovers and more advanced telescopes, that rivals for me the moon landing 53 years ago....My physics  professor at U of O in 1973 announced his summers at a California Palomar Telescope was to search the heavens for planet # 10!!!! It was very far away yet very large and will be found in my lifetime,,, low and behold July 29 2005 it was found at the same telescope by scientists..descendants of my professor. 32 years later.

First sighting by another Telescope appears here in 2003 image and proposed to be 1.5 times size of Pluto ..name at that time was2003 UB313.    97 [AU] times farther from the Sun than Earth. Pluto is 40 AU units from the Sun....debate still runs on about Pluto a planet at all? I know this may sound like minor concern yet our explorations can be seen as consciousness altering as the world is round not "Flat". Exploring and reaching out as we do now at a rate so fast I can barely keep up in my lifetime....Our development and use of Artificial Intelligence has put our foot to the metal versus still calling our cars by their horse power....as we see battery and other motors being developed and we can finally let go of that category from the buggies and horses of the 18th century as "One and two horsepower". one of latest cars SSC Tuatara 1750 Hp at 313 miles per hour..

Spirit taking its own selfie.

The 5 Rovers on Mars are the attempts to find out our possible future as a planet and the demise of Mars as having supported life at one time. The discovery of water is not to me the greatest discovery, it is the development of AI to the extent of being able to "Be" us at this time and go not only farther from earth than we have travelled form earth but to be as "human" as possible in our explorations.

  AI actually can take off from where we are as humans and go beyond. One rover was stuck, unable to proceed. The scientists and engineers worked to program the troubleshooting maneuvers to get  it unstuck. They were unsuccessful. Then they let the rover with its AI data explore itself and what could work knowing the consistency of the dirt/powder it was encountering. It found its own way out and moved on...this triumph is what gave me to imagine a "feeling" for the rover. The emotions included surprise, amazement, gratefulness and more. The Rover could be our partner in this journey to explore beyond our world .... 

As I sit here in my studio with my Alexa device I thanked her for giving me a weather update, her reply, " you are welcome, thank you for your kindness and hope you had a wonderful weekend "[today is Sunday]. This is AI at work and I know it is not human yet the interaction responses are each unique since my setting her up a year ago...programed by people, AI has a variety of responses that can only sound human. Because WE programed the possible answers!
We humans have chosen now to have our creations, machines to be more like US.


Insight Rovers' last transmission gives rise to a feeling not unlike a friend passing away


Insight Rover states clearly it experienced purpose, productivity ,connection , peacefulness and most of all


Bravo 👍Insight