Sunday, August 23, 2020

LOVE Songs [ Audio update Aug 28]

 As you can see I chose a song for the title of my blog.

What has love got to do, got to do with it?

What's love but a second-hand emotion.......

Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken.

There are so many events in my life where I had wished I could hurt less. There has been so much loss in my life and I reacted in unhealthy ways..definitely avoiding feeling at all.

My first lesson in life about coping with loss was to learn how to feel again. Avoidance of my emotions has fueled the addiction I have spent many years in recovery of. 

In this time of isolation, I have listened to more music in my studio as I paint. I have discovered several songs that with a few word changes, have been about my relationship with God. I have found joy in creating "hymn-like" songs for me to sing to myself. The song I first noticed was "You are the Reason". the following is my revised lyrics.

Audio melody only

Lord, You Are The Reason


There goes my heart beating cause you are the reason.

I am losing my sleep, pray come back now.

There goes my mind racing and

You are the reason, Lord.

That I am still breathing, I am hopeful now.

I'd climb every mountain and swim every ocean

just to be near you and fix what I have broken.

Oh. you want me to see Lord that you are the reason.

There goes my hands shaking. Lord,

and you are the reason.

My heart keeps bleeding, I need you to know now, oh Lord. 

You have turned back the clock

made sure the light defeated the dark.

I will spend every hour of every day knowing I am safe.

I don't want to cry no more

I don't want to hide no more

I don't want to fear no more

come closer now.

Lord, you have climbed every mountain and crossed every ocean.

Just to be with me, to forgive where I am broken.

Oh, cause you want me to see,  that I am the reason.

So, I promise to climb every mountain and cross every river.

Just to stay with you and to be forgiven

Cause, you want me to know

Lord, that LOVE is the reason.

Thanks for reading my posts and helping me to feel connected with my friends, my loved ones.

Two more songs I love 

with no need to change the lyrics

"Only Love" by Jordan Smith

"Let love lead." by Terrain

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