Friday, October 2, 2020

ELECTION 2020: Debate and Updates 1,2,3,4,5,6,7


"Lead with Love thy Neighbor"

Walmart has dropped front door mandated mask-wearing at either entrance of the store.
They have chosen profits over allowing a minority of citizens to refuse mask-wearing in lieu of their "rights" or religious "beliefs"..Christ would wear a mask!
And a society of free democratic ideals does not mean doing what I want even if it harms others! 
Freedom in the USA is not the individual right to infect, harm, or kill another citizen. This is radical behavior.
I have chosen to boycott all companies that chose this route in defiance of state mandates. We are close to a quarter-million deaths(10/09)  and the third cause of deaths in the US.

Is our Political Climate a Hoax?

To let Love lead is not to accept lies and fears that will define our country,  especially in our year of a presidential election. Anything or anyone that divides and alienates us from our "neighbors" is not about compassion and being "in a loving relationship"..

 God's true plan for us..Amen

"As I say, I always like to play it down, the scientists don't know! I don't want anyone to panic."

White House Announcement: as of tomorrow a new and permanent residence for POTUS

Trump Tower

409 N Wabash Ave

Chicago Ill

( Furthest location from the eastern coastline. Trump Tower Manhattan not suitable)

"Rioters sticks and stones can't reach my bones and name-calling will never hurt me!"

"Fake News vs Fake Days"

Email sent to me on Oct 1, 2020, If he has added a day to September, the 31st, to collect quarterly donations  on October 1st, then maybe subtracting November 3, 2020, will make up for that additional galore, we won't have an election day this year!?"

As long as we look to the world, its leaders, and political bandaids, we will be under its spell.  It is an illusion that will only confuse and continue our suffering. Yes to participating as our freedom in this country demands us to do and vote! I have chosen to look for the LIGHT, even if only a glimmer,  and love wherever it shines. For I know now more than ever that Jesus is not just wearing a mask to love his neighbors, HE IS OUR MASK.

Art as Mask..Mask as Art


We the people have voted and the aftermath is coming.



Some of us my feel that politics has" gone to the dogs"!? Well, this collection from Anderson Island community can have my vote of support anytime!


"Tia" RIP.

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