Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentines Day 2021



My favorite design for a card for this day of celebrating LOVE

I have sent this card many times to many dear friends and lovers over the years. As an artist, I have not found a better comment on the people I have loved and adored. They have not all felt the same way about me.  I have also felt many different ways to love another and be drawn to them. With age comes the awareness to see and have some wisdom about "what has love got to do with it?" From my first girl crush for my 5th-grade teacher to my correspondence letters sent to a Vietnam soldier, to my college infatuation with my husband to be, and on it goes.......


My favorite song for Valentines Day

I remember the evening spent in a local bar on Haight Street San Fran playing this melody on the jukebox with my best friend. It was Valentines' Day and we both were not in relationships. The bar had a Middle Eastern atmosphere, dark and sultry, and felt exotic to us both.. 1970's for sure. The melancholy jazzy melody is a reminder of how much sadness or "Blues" can come from some relationships. The lyrics are optimistic, that love accepts all. It is not about perfection


My favorite Valentines' candy Dark Chocolate in any form!

Now that we know the truth that cocoa is good for us in its purest form and dark as possible, there is no more guilt when eating it. As Woody Allen predicted in his movie "Sleeper"1973, the story is about, after being frozen following his death, he was to find out, as a previous health food store owner, chocolate would be "healthy!". So in 2073 when he is brought back to life, he discovers new food realities. Thank goodness I did not have to wait till 2073.


My favorite rose this year is white and purple

As I found this rose online, it was one of many purple rose colors. I was drawn to the contrast of white against purple. It would not be readily available to purchase for me. Not going to make it easy to buy me these roses am I.? As you can see,  the curser on the PC image lavender/purple is my favorite color....a combination of red and blue.


LOVE can be about attraction, dreams, and feelings for another and myself.
These can all be fleeting and disappear overnight.
There is only one "soulmate".
It is when the soul can realize true love is the one God our creator gives us each day...that helps me know this Valentines without a partner, I am never alone. 

Reach out to everyone that brings you some "JOY" and send a love letter, love text, love email to them.

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